Detective - No. 1

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Detective is music for and inspired by cinema. Detective No. 1 particularly draws from genre film, and composers like Bernard Herrman, John Carpenter, Angelo Badalamenti, Brian Eno, Isaac Hayes, Goblin and more, to weave together texture and narrative into emotionally driven instrumental music. It’s a record for fans of horror, sci-fi, true crime, suspense, and blaxploitation. But more than simply paying homage, it looks to build upon these themes and archetypes to create a sound that is both familiar and yet thoroughly modern. From the grim and terrifying, to the mysterious and fantastic, from serial killers to the criminal underworld and into the night sky, Detective is a soundtrack to movies waiting to be made. It is also a project specifically designed and uniquely suited to the demands of modern film scoring and digital media production, driven by a variety of talents who have the ability to work quickly and efficiently at any scale. Let us score your next film! 


Detective Theme

Stranger Beside Me

Jealousy #2

Money Was The Motive,
But Emotion Pulled the Trigger

She Disappeared in 1961

I Am a Shadow

Jealousy #1

1961 (Reprise 2)

Detective Theme (Reprise)

If It Bends

If It Breaks

1961 (Reprise 1)

Hot Coffee


PERSONNEL: Michael Jasud - guitars, effects / Toby Vest - drum programming, keys, guitars, effects / Krista Wroten - violin, keys, vocals / Jana Misener - cello, vocals
Landon Moore - bass / Dany Banks - drums / Paul Gilliam - drums / Victor Sawyer - trombone / Nashan Benford - trumpet / Nathan Raab - keys / Clay Qualls - bass

Produced by Toby Vest / Recorded and Mixed by Pete Matthews and Toby Vest at High Low Recording and American Recording Studio.
Mastered for digital by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters in Memphis, TN
Mastered for vinyl by Matt Qualls at Brass Tacks Audio

Art Direction & Design by St Francis Elevator Ride